all of the light. 

Dimmed and dull, 

The will to simply move 

Nearly extinguished. 

Once captivating, 

A bleak layer transforms 

An utterly vibrant being, 

A has-been. A used-up piece of flesh. 

How to carry on, she wonders, 

When the tide is drifting in 

And she knows the water will fill her lungs 

Dragging her out so far to sea 

That even the best of swimmers 

Would succumb to drowning. 

What happened? 

How did she get here? 

When did all of the light 

Disappear from her eyes

The place where one could once see the entire universe in her irises? 

As she wades out 

To where land meets water meets heaven 

Does she pull back 

Or does she dive under

In a last attempt to find what once was? 


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