the giver of life. 

In your womb we were one 

You breathed life into my once-fragile body 

But I am still just as delicate as the day I arrived into this world 

My eyes searching for your face 

And looking into your soul 

Recognizing you were home. 

With firm hands 

You placed your loving embrace upon my shoulders 

Walked with me when no one else would 

Held my face in your palms

Carried me to shore when I was drowning 

And told me it was OK. 

How does one repay a mother?  

A mother who has gone to the ends of the world  

With the love for her child greater than the unseen parts of the universe 

Propelling her to do more. 

A warrior 

A selfless giver 

My warrior 

My selfless giver. 

Whatever she touches 

I will come back to when she is gone 

Knowing her presence once stood in the very same spot 

Though I know her footprints are unique 

Impossible to fill 

But because I am my mother’s daughter 

I will try anyway. 


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