coming home. 

Where is home 

If any place you go 

Feels like it’s where you belong? 

Protected by mountains 

Quenched by the sea 

Breath from the forests 

It is quite possible 

That since I am made of this earth 

I can plant roots wherever 

And feel like I’ve known the lands 

For all of time. 


2 thoughts on “coming home. 

  1. I love this a lot. I have no “place” that I call home. No city or town filled with memories. *thanksmom What I do have is the belief that home is anywhere love lives. If the four walls contain no love, what is felt when one enters? I felt confined, gagged, impotent. I left and felt the very lines you wrote above. I am home now and at peace. Thank you for sharing.


    1. Love! Yes! That’s seriously all we need. So glad you have found peace. I, too, I’m learning all the things you just mentioned–that 4 walls do not also symbolize a home but rather a physical structure if there is no love filling the inside.

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