burn out. 

and maybe every star 

we’ve ever wished on 

carries the dreams of others 

burdened by a million tears cried 

by those who wanted a miracle

which is why the lights in the night sky 

burn out 

just like some of us here on land–

fragile beings 

carrying the weight of others,

of those who want to hold us 

in between their hands forever.


One thought on “burn out. 

  1. Beautiful. There can be so much torment when we seek relief and that relief is in direct conflict with the hopes and dreams of the one that loves us…when we fully to go battle with what the selfish indicates to us. It’s an odd thing. We would not tell a person with a deadly disease that their treatments were a selfish endeavor. However, how dare one make a decision that helps heal the mind, the soul, the heart and said decision benefits only them. Selfish. Uncaring. Cold. No. No, I am not those things. What I am is getting better and THAT is not selfish.

    Thank you for sharing this. My best to you on your journey.


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