West Coast = Best Coast.

I am still on a high from my weekend in Los Angeles. I know I’ll need to come down eventually, but let’s just stay in this dreamy state for a little while longer…

It seems like we were only planning this trip several short weeks ago. Probably because we actually were planning it less than a month ago which makes this trip that much better. Spontaneous travel is my favorite kind of travel and I hope 2017 brings more of it.

More doing. More following the heart. More impulse purchases of plane tickets. More living out of a backpack and less worrying about the trivial stuff.

It’s even more exciting of a trip when ONE OF YOUR MOST FAVORITE HUMANS MARRIES HER FAVORITE HUMAN. It was so incredibly hard to keep that secret under wraps. We refrained from creating the obligatory wedding hashtag and kept our mouths shut as people asked what our plans were while we were visiting.

“Oh, ya know, just really wanna see the ocean!”

But joke’s on everyone because Laura got hitched on a beach in Santa Monica in a stunning dress from Anthropologie while Paul wore his best Converse. We pinned flowers in our hair and squished sand between our toes. And by the end of the short but sweet ceremony, we smelled like the salty waves of something new and wonderful washing up onto shore. A marriage happened right before us and I am so glad I witnessed it with my own eyes. Love is so beautiful when it is in true form and celebrated without fuss or table centerpieces or DJ. Hell, I even made the damn bouquet myself from fresh flowers bought at the farmer’s market on the same day as the big event!

I am so full from all the food and love shared between friends. My stomach hurts from laughing so hard beside some of the people who know me best and understand that late nights spent gossiping call for gin and tonics and carbs. I am so tired from travel but feeling rejuvenated from spending time with some of my most favorite people.

So while I dream of beaches and the west coast and snuggling with my best friends, I leave you with small pieces of my weekend away in LA. Write more soon…


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