Sunday Reminders. 

Sharing some Sunday night vibes to you. The last few weeks have been tough. My mental health issues are even having issues, and the state of the world just feels so H E A V Y. It’s hard being an empath sometimes. 

But when we take on the weight of it all, we crush ourselves beneath the madness and turn to dust. From that dust, we swirl around taking on another shape, molding into something new and we are reborn. So maybe the pain and darkness endured are actually meant for good. Maybe our Achilles’s Heel of caring too much is really a blessing. 

Maybe our hearts break into a million pieces, our thoughts plagued by the evil within others because we are supposed to make sense of it all and find solutions. 

We’re not here to cure the world of all its ailments, but at least we care enough to recognize what needs to be done and try our hand at making a small part of this Earth somewhat manageable. ❤️


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