for anne.

be gentle like a summer breeze
carry your words with ease
or let the silence speak for itself
as you bravely go out
making this world into something better
than what it appears.
such a quiet storm you are
an open heart
a welcoming smile
with the will of all things
with great strength.
how soon will the world understand
that to see change
you must make it
to bring about action
you must enforce it.
to serve as our reminder
even in the afterlife
you have laid the foundation
on what it means to be the unsung hero
except now it is our turn
to sing your name
and carry your legacy on.

Dedicated to the woman with the strongest will and dedication to a greater purpose that I’ve ever encountered. Anne, you were and are a shining light, and wherever you are your spirit lives on in those picking up where you left off and continuing on with the work you loved. 


2 thoughts on “for anne.

    1. Tone, thank you. This is something I dedicated to a childhood friend who was killed in Afghanistan while on a mission to deliver books to an all-boys school. She worked as a US Diplomat and her story was cut short by a suicide bombing not meant for her convoy. She was truly a light and a force of nature and was ready to do all that she could to make this world a better place. ❤️

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