i am not afraid to lose things. 

“One day, you’ll realize I am not afraid to lose things. They always turn up in one form or another. I don’t stress about that kind of stuff, because if it gets lost in the complexities of everything else, then it’s probably better that way.

I like to think of this world as a giant vacuum, always stealing things from right under our noses and putting it back in an entirely different way. That’s why I’m not afraid to lose you. You’re something that, like the rest of us, will perish but comes back again–in this life or the next or the next one after that. 

I’ve seen the way death becomes essential in order for rebirth to take place. I’ve seen everything that’s ever been lost find its way home again. 

So even if I lose you, you’ll find your way back to me somehow. Some way. And I’ll always recognize you when you do make your grand entrance again, because that’s just how it works. Little clues left behind like breadcrumbs leading us back to one another.

Nothing is every truly lost. I know we’ll meet again.” 

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