head on. 

It was worse than a car crash. A collision of souls never meant to drive down the same road and yet, here it was. 

A scene from a crime inspired by all the lovesick stories we’d heard before. 

I was a reckless poet, a writer with her head always on fire with imagery. And you were constantly on the edge of the next great discovery, something that would make you a household name. 

Together, we built up chaos around us. Together, we were unstoppable. Which is why we lay here now. 

Crumpled. Broken. Heavily distorted figures in a place of pitch black darkness trying to harness what little energy there is to get up and try again. 

Maybe this sudden brake on our life as one needed to hit a concrete wall. 

Maybe, we need to transform into some uglier version of ourselves 

In order to use our claws like daggers for something more useful

Like climbing out of the ditch we’ve dug for the other. 

Like realizing 

Life would be better if we knew when to call it quits and I would leave you 

Or you leave me.  

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