close your eyes. 

Sharp slivers of words built up 

From years of staying silent 

Fill my mouth but stay trapped. 

My hands are dirty 

My knees scraped 

By the brush I’ve been running through 

Because the things that make other things 

Go bump in the night 

Chase after me and it’s still early. 

“Come here, pretty one,” 

They whisper while glaring with steely eyes 

Gently stroking my muddied hair. 

It is in this void 

I am prey and unsafe

Discoverable to all my demons 

My eyes like lighthouses guiding them towards me. 

I can’t shut my kids from this nightmare. 

I can’t keep still

And yet I’m frozen 

A time capsule of a body 

Willing itself to move 

By the screams coming from within 

And yet always too far away 

From the nearest exit.

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