Once upon a very long time ago, I was in 8th grade and weighed 90 lbs. FUN FACT: As we get older, our bodies cannot process cheese fries the way they use to back in high school, so I’ll just have leaves with a side of self-loathing. Thanks so much! 

Another fun fact is for years I beat myself up for not looking a certain way. They guys I dated were typically attracted to skinny, tan, long hair. I tried to be that kind of girl for a VERY long time, often looking in the mirror and poking at my stomach wishing it were tighter or that my nose was smaller, lips bigger, my thigh gap more prominent. I had an extremely long road ahead of me before I’d ever get up and be proud of who was staring back in the mirror. 

I traded in my size 0 pants for a size 6 or 8. Usually buying things that clung a little tight to my body, AKA cutting off my air supply, I opted instead for more flattering styles as I no longer became concerned with how the media told women to look a certain way. I started running. I learned to love to lift weights. I admired my curves and fell in love with the body I was given–an able body that will carry me through half marathon #2 this summer and allows me to stand on my head in crazy yoga poses.

What I see now is strength. I see a beautifully built body that indulges in the occasional cheeseburger but also loves her veggies. It’s taken a while to reach a place where I can get on the scale and not freak out over my 150 lbs of completely unaltered woman. 

Love yourself before anything else. Learn to appreciate all the things your body can do instead of how it should look like. If you feel healthy and happy, show it. Flaunt it. Smile to your reflection and tell yourself to seize the f*cking day like the bad ass you are. 

Start your week knowing how amazing I think you are. 

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