should you find yourself feeling down.

I just want you to know 

That you are worth somebody’s minutes 

That your stories should not fall 

On deaf ears 

And that your presence on Earth 

Is the reason I still exist. 


7 thoughts on “should you find yourself feeling down.

  1. I was literally just feeling thinking about how heart wrenching it was to tell my intimate violent story and feeling as though no one even cared because there is 1 like and does anyone really care or do they just say they do because it makes them look good. I went to be several hours early and am sitting here with tears and then there is your post right at the top as I check my phone…. small miracles 🙂


    1. Hi lovie! All stories are important, especially the ones eating at our insides and need the saving grace that is writing. ❤️ Cry and let it out and then build yourself back up again. Tiny victories throughout the day!

      Also, I ate a whole bag of chips by myself the other night because I was all “THE FUCK am I doing with my life???” 😂

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