going against the grain. 

“Everyone wants a beginning, middle, end–in that order. They want a plan in place and then Plans B and C, just in case. Engaged couples get asked when the big day is. And when they’re married, people want to know when they’ll start having kids. So we go with what the general public asks of us and we dream these elaborate stories in our heads of how it’s supposed to be, planning the next plan and waiting for the next “step”, and it’s not supposed to go according to plan. 

What about the hungry ones? The ones with wanderlust and few personal belongings? What about the ones who took the storybook and reconfigured the algorithm of what a “happily ever after” looks like? What if they thrive on having the middle come before the beginning and rely on the end just falling into place? 

‘I want to be brave like that, she said. I don’t want conventional or a white picket fence or kids by the time I’m 30. I’m just starting to discover who I truly am and I know it’s not defined by a white dress and owning a home. The world is my home and sometimes, I feel as if my spirit is just to large to live in the space I’m in. I am polite to those who live differently, but I don’t understand it. 

In a place where there is too much to explore, too much to fall in love with, too much to envelope with curious arms, I am  a strange being. I am osctracized from circles I once hung with because I don’t know why a glider is better than a rocker. 

And I am OK with that. The path is different for us all. But I just had to say this because it’s all I see these days and I just have a deeper longing to do the exact opposite. 

I’m not sure if that makes me a bad person, but I’d like to think someone would be happy about what I consider a milestone just as I am happy for theirs.'”


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