Excerpts from my future novel, Piece 1. 

“I am not made of sugar and spice. If you wanted someone who bends over backwards at every request you make, you were mistaken about who you thought I was.

I am made of fragments that used to cause me pain and discomfort and an insane amount of self-loathing. I am comprised of tears wept late at night over a boy who forgot how to love me in order to love someone else. I am failure and a bruised ego, put in my place by Life’s way of telling me I am too confident and must know what it’s like to not succeed. I am a human heart, a vessel of emotions, and a warrior. God damn it, I am a warrior. 

So if you thought what you were getting was someone easy, someone made of niceties, that’s only a portion of who I am. And I’m finally OK with who I am, who I want to be, and the path I’m meant to follow. 

Can you say the same?” 


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