Check It Out. 

Hey friendly critters,

2015 brought so much to the table and 2016 is off to a phenomenal start. Over the last few weeks, I’ve been doing some heavy writing in hopes of submitting my stuff to e-journals and indie magazines, etc. I’ve stepped back from The Happy Depressive in an effort to focus on the direction I want to take it in the new year but to also reflect on its current content and how I can what I have to editors.

Basically, I didn’t want to wake up one day without pursuing a goal of mine which is to write professionally or at least serve as a contributor to a large-scale publisher/website.

So I held my breath, clicked “Send”, and waited…

This is what happened. Indie website, Elephant Journal, took my piece and posted it on their website. I didn’t think they would, but they did.

I would love for you all to check out the link below which sends you to where my article lives. I am excited, nervous, and inspired.

You are all the reason I write. You are all brilliant. You make this blog what it is and for these things, I am grateful.

Happy reading, friends! ❤️

Sitting with Depression.


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