she has been here all along.

“I used to spin in circles for hours 

Until I spun myself right out of reality 

And into another place, another dimension 

Where I was this bright ball of light 

And no one could touch me. No one could even get near enough 

Because the way I moved was unearthly. 

And as I grew up, I stopped spinning in circles

Trading hours of euphoria for responsibilities, a job, a life I didn’t necessarily feel connected to. 

Who was this person staring back at me in the mirror? Where was the little girl who rushed home from school 

Barreling into the living room, closing all the curtains 

In preparation for her departure to another time in space? 

Where was she? And more importantly, 

How do I get her back?”

It took several years before divine intervention stepped in

Taking both my hands and looking so intently at my face 

Into my soul. 

Finally, the face in front of me was my 8-year old self 

Missing a tooth and smiling so genuinely

Raising her index finger and jabbing once at my heart. 

“You never lost her. She has been inside her all along.” 


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