The damnation of nations. 

We will perish, no doubt, in time

Brought about by war 

And famine 

And violence. 

Nobody will write about our survival in history books 

Because there won’t be anymore life 

On this earth 

Which we destroyed in broad daylight. 

No Trojan horse of treachery 

we cultivated the place we now call home 

A world where our children live in fear 

and we blame our tragedies 

on everyone else. 

Are you surprised? Caught off guard

When all of us had a hand in our downfall. 

Who am I to place blame on my brothers and sisters 

When I have turned my back on family 

In the name of religion, race, or sex? 

So if you are sleeping with one eye open, know that is our own doing 

and we cannot go back. 

We cannot repent. 

We are far from being absolved of our collective sins

Reversed progress as a species 

With our hubris. 


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