The destruction of We. 

Everyone is going to get on their soapboxes, craft carefully worded statuses, and go back to their normal lives–myself included. But the time has COME for my generation to stand up for our beliefs, to unite, to put ideologies aside, and come together as one. Fear is slowly being instilled into our daily lives by terrorism. Distrust of our government grows stronger as the news portrays only what the big cable networks want to show so the bigger picture is often cropped to cater to the agendas of whoever is in control of content. White people see “thugs” as they look at Black people, and Black people see White people as the oppressors. Muslim communities are torn apart are scrutinized by the xenophobia created by a ONE powerful group of militants. 
And at the end of this status, we will go back to planning vacations, making dinner reservations with friends, giving thanks on a holiday when we took away so much from the Native American tribes. I will go to work and sit in my adorably decorated office and get out at 2PM so that I can head home and prepare food for tomorrow. And essentially, I will be unaffected by tragedy…for now. 
And while I am grateful for my status as a white female living in America as a US citizen, there is so much I can do with these boxes I check off on job applications, voters registration, standardized tests… Please educate yourself by eradicating hatred in your heart, breaking down the preconceived notions you have about a certain race or religious group, and understand that violence isn’t solved with more violence. I invite you to get involved within your communities to bring about change and donate time instead of wasted energy on adding to the vicious cycle of any -ism currently plaguing our nations.


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