little nomad.

she hides it well, doesn’t she?
a nomad in her own right
a whirling dervish
spinning ’round
pulling everything close to her
without attachment
and she’ll leave you breathless
as she turns to retreat
into her sanctuary,
away from all human contact
when it gets to be too much.
and she doesn’t let just anybody in
with a smart mind and a kind heart.
she knows how to trample people
with words
she learned
in her past lives.
the secret to knowing her
is letting her be
preserving her eccentric ways
by never reaching out for her
because she won’t be there
to catch you
when you need someone to celebrate
the downfalls and triumphs.
her only concern
is for herself
blazing trails
in the minds of all she encounters
who unfortunate enough
to be drawn to her.


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