in the moment of despair.

Figurative Language.) "...all I've been taught, fell away like so many covers when you sit up in bed"(86). The metaphor is comparing how everything that Minerva has learned throughout the story thus far and the blankets that fall off when you sit up because she has forgotten all of it.:

I think the most beautiful souls have been broken more than once

that their chests have been cut open and sewn up again more than they’d care to talk about.

I think about those times when I didn’t want to open my eyes to the truth

or get out of bed

or will myself to eat and drink. I wanted to be a prisoner in my own body.

And just as our seams are about to burst

we recognize there is hope–

shining, gleaming rays of hope pouring out of our wounds turned to scars

reopened once again

because we cannot keep ourselves from reliving our pasts

until we realize just how vital we are to the universe,

that our bodies are capable of still going,

that some unknown force

has whispered into our ear,

you have more to give than you know.



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