a declined offer. 


I’ll decline 

Another invitation to dine 

Because today has been long. 

And the day before that was the same. 

And the week, month, even the year before this one 

Has been a rough one. 

I am tired of asking for forgiveness 

From people I have left 

Without explanation. 

Cutting off all communication 

Because it’s easier than telling them the truth. 

That I am too low to pick myself up

That I hate crowds

That it’s not you, it’s me. 

I am kindly declining 

All future invitations because 

I am OK in the shell I have constructed 

Even though it’s kept so many out 

But I am also OK with that. 

In the end 

People disappoint 

And I am no exception. 

I am just saving you 

From a lifetime of rejection 

And a cold shoulder 

And a half mumbled response 

that isn’t even the truth. 


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