Introducing, Michelle Shea & the Chakras

My friends, I want to share something exciting with you. A friend of mine who I met through CorePower is a dynamo when it comes to all things New Age and yoga. I’ve been going to her for Reiki therapy for the last two months and the best description I can leave you with is “Wow”, especially if you allow yourself to be open to Reiki’s powers and succumb to its benefits. I invite you to check out her website. No matter where you live, Michelle can provide her therapeutic sessions and energy transfers via phone or video chat. And let’s be real–you know you’re just a little curious…

Here is a link to Michelle’s Heart Chakra Balancing Kit, which I have the pleasure of trying out for myself and is one chakra that seems to be the most in need of attention. There are several other chakra kits for purchase, but I encourage any and all of you to at least show her page some love. 

And as another shameless plug, look for a video post on the yoga mudras that I’m working on as well as some collaboration projects I have in the mix with some of my most favorite yogis and yoginis. ❤

Light and love, my friends…

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