in the moments after we leave. 

take care of yourself, she said.
 remember not to think too much.

you have a tendency to do that. 

he smiled knowing she was right

and she looked not at him

but through him

at the parts he was proud of

but also inside the places he still covered up, hidden in dark corners. 

she saw it all 

and still loved him anyway

and that should have been enough to make him stay. 
she walked home on the familiar sidewalks

with a heart that should have been defeated. 

but deep down inside, 

she knew there was something more. 
as he drove back to his apartment,

a small voice inside his head 

told him the same. 
and the universe left it at that, only providing the necessary guidance

through a gentle whisper. 
the rest, it explained, would be up to them. 


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