sow the seeds of self love. 

i don’t know why we do it. i don’t know why we lose ourselves in someone else. i don’t know if it’s because 

we feel incomplete

insignificant without a significant other. 

i’m trying to understand why our existence is dependent on another, that our saving grace is found in another’s soul. 

i want to know why the love we want must be given by someone else, handed to us

instead of sowing the seeds of self love on our own.  

3 thoughts on “sow the seeds of self love. 

  1. My mom always said that you have to love yourself before you can truly love someone else. I think she’s right, if you don’t love yourself first, than you just end up getting run over by the other person. The relationship isn’t balanced, and in the end you don’t feel loved, you just feel tired and over shadowed.


  2. It took me three co-dependently bad relationships averaging 8 months each to finally ask myself this question. And now, I am choosing to do things for only me, and I have to be honest…it’s still a weird feeling at times. We always will strive to connect as much as possible with another person, it’s just our nature. Great post!


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