pain is a cycle.

let me show you that pain is inevitable
but tolerable.
it starts in your feet
and works its way into your head
but not before paralyzing every limb.
it’s either a slow sensation
or quick thief in the night,
stealing away your energy,
turning motivation into hopelessness
and none of us are immune to it.
none of us are exempt from feeling the lows
but some of us are better at hiding it from the rest of the world
while the rest of us shout it from the rooftops
pleading with the heavens to make it stop.
it’s the kind of pain that fills your body with sand
turning you into a sluggish object
capable of only focusing on putting one foot in front of the other.
even breathing is hard.
i want to tell you that pain is inevitable
yet transformable.
allow yourself time to heal.
trust in me when i say that every bad day, week, or month eventually ends.

i don’t know how it does,
i don’t know why it goes like this,
but the dull ache inside you subsides
leaving you enough room for even the smallest sliver of light
to shine through.


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