too often we are dishonest. 

I write half asleep, hanging on the edge of suppressed emotion and raw truth. 

Maybe you won’t like what I have to say. 

It could cause rifts in our already-cracked friendship. But I wouldn’t mind if you actually knew what everyone was thinking. 

I write half asleep when the eyes are heavy with dream and reality. 

It’s better this way–to just say it as it is and let it resonate. 

Or not. It’s your choice. But those who ignore their demons feed them. 

Those who invite their monsters inside take away their power, and I am more inclined to be more welcoming as my eyelids become narrow slits. 

I want everyone to be this free to speak up, to throw your middle fingers in the air and if we can only achieved truthful conversations through the realm between sleep and awake, 

So be it. It’s something. 


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