Under (minor) re:construction

HEY! HEY, YOU! OVER THERE! YEAH! HI! 🙂 I like your soul and want to give ya a hug because you’re great.

Ok–perhaps I am a bit over-caffeinated BUT things are getting exciting around this neck of the woods. The universe is a-movin’ and a-shakin. Naturally, I hadto jump aboard the express train to Awesomeville. I have been posting irregularly due to some things coming down the pipeline. There’s going to be a new launch of my yoga website (YAY!) and some new additions to The Happy Depressive (love my WordPress family!).

As many of you already know, 2015 was a huge year for me in terms of personal growth. One of the greatest achievements was completing yoga teacher training and becoming a certified instructor. Since my graduation, I’ve really struggled what my “next steps” are in terms of promoting that added experience to my resume until now (and with the help of some wise sages a.k.a. my therapist and mother)!

The Happy Depressive will be adding a new category to the blog. I have decided to open up my practice to all of you, creating short videos of yoga sequences I’ve researched/tweaked/re-researched/practiced so that you, too, can share in the joys of vinyasa flow. Each video will conclude with Savasana (Corpse pose) in true yogi fashion. The videos will also focus on a chakra or common “problem” area each time I post. The frequency of video posts has yet to be determined, but I’m thinking of keeping it bi-weekly for starters.

I hope you find this new category helpful. For me, yoga has been essential to managing my anxiety and depression. My goal is to simply do the same for you. Please know I will also offer modifications before each video for pregnant women, those who have chronic pain, or are newcomers to their yoga mat. I am smiling big in this photo because of the excitement I feel in my gut and partly because my coffee mason jar is HUGE.

Stay tuned and thank you SO MUCH for making The Happy Depressive awesome. I honestly I am so flippin’ grateful for all of you.


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