to a place of no return.

As we stand behind our white picket fences,
hide our faces in designer glasses and sip our coffee
imported from third world nations
supplying our caffeine addiction,
I am guilty of this, too–
for never speaking up when voices needed to be heard,
when basic human rights are stripped by self righteous humans
and our egos inflated by how big of a killing we make
inside and outside of our ivory towers.
Says the man slaughtering for sport,
Says the CEO of a big-time corporation,
Says the single mother of three working day and night,
“I’m just trying to do what’s good for me”
except all three say it in a different context.
Do you see?
Are you aware?
We’ve turned away far too many times
and when we turn back around to face forward,
there will be nothing more to look at.
We are seekers and destroyers of a planet that does not rightly belong to solely us.
It belongs to the generations of those to come,
if we ever make it that far.
Once we purge this world of what makes it so majestic,
so beautiful,
we will look up at our crumbling cities and say,
“I was just trying to do what’s good for me…”
without ever realizing
we were meant to carry one another
as brother and sister.


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