“Sadhana Marga” by Halle Yoga


I have been VERY fortunate in my young life to know some extraordinary individuals. One in particular never fails to amaze me. Her spirit is one of the greatest I have encountered.

Halle is a person I met through Core Power after I stumbled into one of her afternoon classes and was immediately in love with her teaching style, her grace, her smile, her aura. She is, in every essence, cool. If that word had a picture associated with it, Halle’s face would be it. I was so excited when she first told me about her blog idea – bringing back the yoga practice to its original meaning, to its roots. Her travels and experience living in an ashram and teaching multiple styles of yoga have given her a purpose in this life.

Her knowledge is extensive, her words filled with wisdom, her poses inspired by strength and a true love for the practice. Lately, I have been entranced by yoga’s history – from the early teachings to the way it is intertwined with the mystical and spiritual worlds and how it goes far beyond the Instagram photos you see of “yoga-lebrities” (Halle’s word, not mine) in impossible positions while serving as physical advertisements for yoga apparel. What we get from Halle is a lesson in mindful practice.

I am so proud to share this on my blog and welcome my yogi sister to the blog world. If you are ever in the Chicago area, come take one or twelve of Halle’s classes. Or, you can simply find her here.

Happiest of Mondays!

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