generation tech.

“i don’t know what passion means.
all i ever understood was you work and you make money.
but kids these days,
we are all about finding purpose and meaning.
we want to change the world
yet take orders from no one.
we all want to be a leader
but who are we actually leading
when no one wants to follow?
we all have these visions–
extravagant visions–
of what we want our lives to be
yet we want to take the easiest route possible.
and we base self-confidence
on a certain amount of likes on a selfie.
and we broadcast everything
on social media but edit out the shitty parts
and for what?
to make life seemingly perfect? to feel better about ourselves?

in a world where every story is leaked
and the business of your neighbor is public
and a status update is meant to validate your existence,
how do we turn it around? how do you distance yourself from the rest of society?
how do we get back to the basics
without giving up our passions?
can you quietly go about your day,
achieving greatness,
accepting failures just as you would a victory?”


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