the end.

i know that this is the end, he said.

such a definitive phrase, she replied.
why put a period on a concept we have no control over?
if, by chance, we meet again,
what would you say that?

i would try with all my might
to avoid the places that remind me of us,
hide from the people we mutually know.

she laughed.
oh, you are silly for thinking
the Universe will not concede to those terms.
have you forgotten what brought us together in the first place?
being in the right place at the right time.

she stood up on the bed, spread her arms like wings
and continued…

you knew what this was. you knew we weren’t eternal.
but don’t say we will never merge onto the same road
ever again.
life is funny that way, she half-smiled.
it has the power to give you exactly what you need
at a time when you think you don’t want it,
but it serves you the greatest lesson of all.

i’m not sure what i’m supposed to learn from this,
he sighed.

it’ll come to you.
but it will come when i am no longer around.


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