she said.

She said,
“I’m a little crazy, you know.
The kind of girl who swings from the monkey bars
and feeds her inner child,
The kind who can’t wear white
’cause I always spill
and I hate shoes because
these soles were meant to feel the ground beneath them.
I’m the kind of girl who laughs
at the wrong time, according to society,
and I swear more than a lady should
but a lady is what my grandmother was.
Not me.
I tinker and toy and throw around the idea
of living off the land
when I know I’d be lost without technology but it’s a nice idea, right?
I could survive on coffee and good literature,
but don’t ask me who my favorite author is…that’s too heavy of a question.
you see,
I am a complex mess of everything I want to do
and what I’m limited to.
And though I adore a good love story,
we will never be a cliche,
two bodies running from opposite ends of a field
to meet the other’s soul in the middle.


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