The monsters inside you.

 My friends, it’s June 1. I cannot believe how quickly 2015 is flying by. May was Mental Health Awareness Month and I wasn’t as proactive on my blog as I should have been. The truth is, I had to go inside my soul for a little bit to figure out my next steps. Because figuring out those complex matters often brings up anxiety, I took a step back and didn’t force creative processes. I merely just stood still. 

In light of this hiatus, new light was shed on persons, places, and things. Even at therapy, my dear doctor noted that something about my energy had shifted. It could be because my body is finally coming down from yoga teacher training while also realizing there are still so many more miles to travel before my ultimate dreams are achieved. It could be because Mercury has been in Retrograde. It could also be because I’m just weird and overanalyzing everything. 😉 

But the beauty of any breakdown is that it is also a breakthrough–a solid thing in which we knock down with persistence and conviction because we know our minds are capable of so much more. How wonderful it is to deal with depression and being in tune with the signals my body sends me and have that ability to just say, “Slow down.” 

So I did. 

The first of every month is exciting but it is also a time for you to look at the plans you’ve made and ask, “Are these plans serving me? Are they feeding my soul? Are they making me  happy?” If you answered “no”, then now is the time to rearrange your schedule in order to make time for the things you are truly passionate about, the things your spirit absolutely cannot live without. 

My dear warriors, it’s OK to hutch like a hermit for a little while. And it’s OK to feel so full of emotion and not know how to put it into words. Mental Health Awareness Month is every month for us fighting the good fight. Remember you know yourself better than anyone. Give yourself what you need and sometimes, it’s cool to let the monster inside of you yell at you to take it easy. 

You are all light. You are all love. You are all goodness and treasures in this crazy world. 



2 thoughts on “The monsters inside you.

  1. Funny thing is, I thought the same thing, though my post came out differently. You can check it out from yesterday. It’s called “The Importance Of Getting Out And About.” It’s good to take a step back sometimes and relax, take time for yourself, and figure out what you really need for your life. This post is one of my favorites by you. 🙂


    1. I am definitely going to check out your post!!! So glad we are in the same boat, just sailing along and figuring things out. It’s good to know we are never alone in the fight. 🙂


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