Keep on keepin’ on. 

 I wanted to, so I did.  I have very little fear of falling on my face, both on and off my mat. As a highly sensitive person, my mood has been every which way over the last couple of weeks. I just needed to get upside down. 

So I tools stab at Scorpion, an intense back bend and throat chakra opener. I came down feeling slightly dizzy and nauseous but that’s what you get when you go for some extreme poses. 

When I’m inverted, I get to see things from a new perspective, have fresh blood run through my veins, and feel rejuvenated. Sensory overload is no joke. Take a moment if you’re feeling overly stimulated by your surroundings and try something new. Focus on that one thing and just do it.

Namaste, my friends! 😊

4 thoughts on “Keep on keepin’ on. 

  1. Well I always try looking at things from different angles but my days of handstands are over, which is quite simple compared to that pose you’ve got there. But more power to you, as they say, for that.


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