the storylines.

The beginning always starts out fine.
The ideas and thoughts,
they flow steadily
and each keystroke types out a better sentence
than the one before it.
The middle,
you can’t stop now.
You’re still caught up in the excitement of it all.
You’ve still got plenty of things to say
but it stops coming easily.
And finally,
the end.
You should be tying up loose ends,
bringing all content together
with a clever one-liner.
But it doesn’t blend smoothly.
It can’t combine with the rest of your words.

Because maybe your direction has changed.
Maybe you started off wanting one outcome
and realized a better one was forming.
Maybe you realized that the middle of it all.
Maybe you didn’t want to veer off course
but it happened,
much like everything in life.

And because it is the nature of writing
to rework one sentence a thousand times,
it is also the obvious course of life–
reinvent, revise, revisit
what isn’t working out,
what needs to be extracted
from every part of the story.


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