never too much.

“Do you ever feel like you are too much for the world?” she asked.

I had heard people ask if they were not enough,
but too much?

“I sometimes feel like I am too big for this life, too complicated, too manic one minute
and deflated the next.
Am I a burden? Am I weight for someone else to carry
on the days I can hardly drag myself out of my house?”

I could hear her wringing out her hands,
pacing back and forth,
trying to me rationalize her thoughts
to which I simply said,

“If you feel too big for this world, it’s because you are–
too bright, too smart, too beautiful
to be contained.
The people who feel too much are, in fact, the ones who create change.
And at one point, we are all someone’s weight that must be carried
because legs grow weak, life gets heavier.
Asking someone to help you distribute the weight evenly
doesn’t classify you as being “too much”.

It shows you are courageous enough to ask for help
in a world where so many see it as a fault.

2 thoughts on “never too much.

  1. Loved this post! Especially being the kind of person who will ask for help as a last resort and even then, not every time.


    1. I think we all, at some point, struggle with asking for help. It is a courageous thing for a person to swallow their pride. ❤ I struggle with it sometimes.

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