The Introverted Depressive.

Happiest of Mondays, friendships!

An overly stimulating weekend prompted me to do some research on my “weird” tendencies and quirks–something that my fellow introverts or depressives can relate to. I happened to fuse the two together creating a mega monster capable of disappointments and letdowns. Perhaps you are in the same place, one of those quiet minds who can only go for so many hours in a crowded room full of conversation and laughter before it is time for you to make a quick getaway.

So I did a little research on Psychology Today and found a great piece on the inner workings of an introverted depressive’s mind. Here is the link written by Laurie Helgoe, Ph. D. published in 2010 but still maintaining relevance within the mental health conversation.

Sorry this isn’t a terribly long post. I promise to update more thoroughly later this week.

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