breathing room.

give me a little space.
let me settle back into routine.
for weeks
my feet haven’t touched the ground
and i am treading water with legs that are tiring.
it’s a path i chose, yes.
i do not regret it for a second,
maintaining a full life
following these dreams of mine
because i put myself second for too long.
but before you attack me,
voicing your opinions,
telling me how to go about living my life
and expressing your views using words that cut like knives,
walk a mile in my shoes.
let my silence speak for itself
because it’s easy to judge another for their faults
and think it all falls on deaf ears.

in reality,
i am contemplating,
soaking up
every word you’re saying.
and it is digging into me,
tugging at heartstrings,
demanding to be felt
by an already overly sensitive soul.


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