You pick up the pieces
from last night, last week, last month, last year…
You notice the edges are warped
from every highlight, every low point, every moment in between…
And something isn’t right.
The bigger picture has shifted.
The life you thought you were meant to lead,
the visions in your head,
these don’t make sense anymore.
The initial pieces were brought forth
by someone resembling you–
every laugh line, every freckle, every scar.
But as you stand before this half completed puzzle,
you know it is time to start anew,
rearrange each fragment
amounting to the person you’ve become.


4 thoughts on “puzzle.

  1. This is a great piece that really resonates with me. I’m seeking to put together the pieces of my life and make them all fit. I have had them my entire life and I thought they went together a certain way. But when I tried, to my surprise, they didn’t fit. I am still figuring out how to twist and turn them to make it work.


    1. Jarrod, with ya every step of the way when it comes to figuring out who we are and where we are headed. Setbacks are the norm. And sometimes, we can throw away the pieces that do not serve us anymore.


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