time and the blues.

It’s the way the blues
make you feel
whenever you put on that old record–nostalgic and understood in one note,
and it brings you back in time,
before any of us were living life with accountability
and recklessly loving
forgetting that every human we’ve ever laid eyes on has feelings, too.
We watched the sun rise
too many times
on the hoods of our cars,
telling ourselves we’d be free spirits
and creatures of the night.
But time ain’t slowin’ down for even the most hopeful of hopefuls,
even if we thought our day in the sun
would just extend into a lifetime.
We’re quickly learning she stops for no one,
not even for the quarterbacks or prom queens.
She’s not selective
in who she takes out.
Time’s inclusive, throws arms around you
even if you’re not ready to leave the party.
She will take you kicking and screaming
or quietly agreeing.
We might as well keep that record on repeat
and dance away tonight.


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