on loving a wild one.

More than likely,
they will be brave even when bravery is not necessary
and they are fierce protectors of their child-like qualities,
mostly good for the spontaneity that’s bound to ensue.
And they are lovers
of all things deserving of their attention.
You can never have enough art or coffee or passion for letting the flow take you where you’re meant to be.
Their impatience is endearing,
Their dreams inspiring,
Their laugh contagious.
They are also not permanent
And though you will find their existence so undeniably hard to resist,
they are wanderers,
thrill seekers,
risk takers,
But above all,
They are the truest hearts in world that know and feel the aftermath
of too many lies told
and therefore will spare you the hurt of having them walk away from you
Like they have done countless times before
to those who came before you.


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