the five senses.

the world through multiple lenses.
Change the scope of your perspective
depending on the situation.
There is no single way to view a world
teeming with differences.

the human heart and hands,
not through technology or virtual reality,
but actually holding another person, place, or thing.
There is nothing more concrete

the good things in life.
The exotic flavors of faraway lands,
a fine wine with your meal, even if it’s just a dinner for one,
the beads of sweat on your lover’s body.
Drink it all in.

no–really listen to the stories you are told,
what your loved ones are saying,
how morning has a distinctive sound from night.
Give ears to the opinions of others.
Find a song in the heart of every person you meet.

the opportunity to seize each day
and shed all negative attitudes.
Savor the fragrance of each moment’s specific scent,
the cologne or perfume of a stranger passing by,
the aroma left by both good and bad days.


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