Bitter from the rejection,
Broken from the inside out from love gone wrong,

She belongs to the night of shadowy figures
while the rest of the world sleeps.

Get up, dress up, make up,
hiding behind the distraction of a short dress, high heels.

Every night is a new adventure,
accessible by bar, taking transportation to another’s bed.

Finding quick fixes in the one-night stands
where feeling is fleeting, belonging to someone just for a few hours.

And before the sun’s rays can cast light
on anything that will make the body next to her seem human and alive,

She slips back into the sunrise,
hiding behind the brick buildings with raccoon eyes, knotted hair, empty stomach…

Even emptier soul.

Until the cycle repeats itself,
and she’s off again searching for herself in the most senseless of persons, places, things.


5 thoughts on “hollow.

    1. Then I better work on that back story. I always get super overwhelmed when I think of writing a novel. A little at a time is probably what I should do…


      1. Yes, Bri. A little at a time will work. Start with more sketches of her life. You can always piece them together when you have enough to work with. But get to know your characters a little at a time. That way you won’t feel overwhelmed.


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