On the cliffs stands a hut.
It is no more or no less than a home to those who inhabit its insides.
Still, some look at the hut and see what is only on the exterior.

A thatched roof
hammered one too many times in order to patch up the holes formed after every passing storm.
Weathered shutters with paint chipping away yet they’ve managed to stay a bright shade of yellow.

The windows dingy
making it difficult for one to see into the heart of the hut
but not so clouded that you can’t make out the shapes of what the hut holds most sacred.

And when the sea gets rough
on nights when the wind cuts through your clothes, straight to your bones
the hut on the cliff sways but never falls, never breaks, no matter what outside forces try to bang down its doors.

On the cliffs stands a hut.
Its insides are you and the facade is your skin
and though you live so close to the edge you’re more resilient than you could ever imagine.


6 thoughts on “hut.

    1. Thanks, Leonard!! You have become my blogging guru and I respect your opinions and feed back. “Hut” is a little different in that I was definitely inspired by a photo a saw on Pinterest (because let’s be honest–my generation is ALL about pinning photos to our virtual scrapbooks) and I just saw the potential in this little piece of property, so simple yet so mighty.


      1. Oh boy, what a responsibility. I think I’d much rather be considered a friend. That’s the kind of responsibility I am used to and can easily handle. And friends are supportive. That’s me, pal, in your corner.


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