Doin’ work (sorta).


Happy Friday’s Eve. I’m wearing leather at work & it’s tremendous. Also, this is the pose I would strike if I ever wrote a book. Just throwing it out there. 🙂


7 thoughts on “Doin’ work (sorta).

  1. Okay, so you’ve thrown it out there and now a few of us have caught it and applaud the look. And quite frankly, the photo could possibly sell the book, or at least get someone to pick it up and thumb through it (you know the old trick: the first page and the last page and somewhere in the middle) which, if the writing is good, and in your case it will be, well then it’s just good old Marketing 101. So keep the photo ready for that first book. Your sense of humor and intelligence will carry you through the interviews that will undoubtably follow.


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