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  1. I think the greatest gift we can give our children is the gift of self-reliance and the understanding that life is difficult and sometimes things just don’t work out. That power of self-awareness to recognize hurdles and the ability to find ways to overcome them is gold.

    The worst we can give them is this notion of “you can be whatever you want to be” and doing everything for them both financially and emotionally and not allowing them to experience failure and grow from it.


    1. Failure is imperative for humanity. Some thing they are immune to everything in this world, that they are superior to their surroundings. I have found my failed moments to be the ones I look back on the most. Cracks in people are nice.


    1. Haha! Leave it to you to write such lovely words on my post, Yusra! 🙂 I really just have fits of creativity and I also walk around with a notebook at all times in case my iPhone dies on me. When you feel inspired, write on anything! 🙂 My man friend teases me because I carry such a huge purse with me but it’s because I have a pen case and notebooks in there. Sacred items to us creatives. ❤


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