what we turn into.

You can play any part you want
from behind a veil
made up of statuses and quotes,
picture you crop to look just right.

But at the end of the day,
who knows the real you?
Who knows every story behind your scar?
Who understands why you’re afraid of the dark
and is one step ahead of you in asking if the vegetable soup isn’t made with peas
because of your food allergy?
Who shares your love for nights out on the town in heels
but is also content in laying around on the couch in pajamas?

If you create a life of make believe
while pushing the real people out,
what will it all be for?
The likes or comments of praise?

At the end of the day,
and a long road of friendship,
I will admire the person you are when we are eating at our favorite sushi spot,
forever hopeful there is still a glimmer of that old friend
I came across many years ago.


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