best enemies.

They know all the right buttons to push
what kind of topics to bring up that rile your emotions up.
They make you want to pull out your hair
and sometimes,
it’s easier to ignore their attempts to reach out.
You often let their calls go directly to voicemail
because you’re still seething over the argument you just had
where they played victim,
making you look like the villain portrayed in every film–
manipulative, condescending, not concerned about who gets hurt over selfish behavior.
They are your mirrors.
But you also mirror them
and reflect all the things they are not.
Maybe they want to care less like you do.
Maybe they wish they were born free of finding it hard to cut people out
like weeds in a garden.
Maybe you just simply know too much about the other,
the darkest corners of their mind.
Maybe you are better off as best enemies,
keeping your distance from one another
so the world won’t feel the effects of your toxicity.
it’s easier to move on knowing you agree to disagree
rather than fighting the same battle time and again.


3 thoughts on “best enemies.

  1. Oh man- I have had this experience so many times in my life. My therapist finally helped me figure oit my pattern with toxic friends and partners… And now I know how to avoid them. It can be so difficult though. Something like a magnet draws them to us!


  2. This really resonates with me. I have been there multiple times. I always evaluate a situation to ask what I am fighting for. This is a strong effort Bri.

    I love the line “But you also mirror them and reflect all the things they are not.”


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