death spoke to me.

I once saw Death.
It wasn’t as violent or nasty as I thought Death would be.
In fact,
Death was rather patient in letting us say our goodbyes.
Death was in no hurry to take away the soul it came to claim.
Death was almost kind.
A little cold on my bare arms,
but I believed Death to be another winged angel
with just a chip on its shoulder
and a reputation to live up to.
Death sat quietly in the corner of the hospital room,
respecting the very last moments we were able to share as a family
for one last time.
But because Death has places to be,
Death made sure to follow a timely schedule.
Just before Death departed with my father in its possession,
Death smiled at me and whispered,

“The body is only a vehicle for people to use on this physical plane,
but not even I have the power to keep souls from visiting their loved ones
at their most difficult times in life.”


15 thoughts on “death spoke to me.

    1. Oh thank you, Jarrod! It has been 13 years this May since my dad passed away, but I still find myself reflecting about it every so often.


      1. It is a monumental moment of change in your life. I’m sure it will always be something you reflect on. Thanks for sharing that intimate part of your life with all of us.


      2. It moved a lot of people to share their own stories about dealing with the loss of a parent or someone else close to them. You can’t expect to heal all the world’s pain, but i love it when people feel comfortable enough to share their own struggles triumphs. šŸ™‚

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    1. Death’s definitive entrance into all our lives is handled differently by people. I was trying to write something that didn’t make death out to be a bad thing, merely another part of life. I guess I can write about it this way since I was fortunate to have those last moments with my dad, but it can absolutely take someone many years to be at peace with someone’s passing. As always, your feedback is appreciated. šŸ™‚ Always love hearing from you!


      1. You are a strong soul to feel that way. I still feel the loss of my parents, all three of them, and I was with my mother in the emergency room of the hosital when she died. I still wear her wedding ring that she gave me to hold around my neck and even these long 13 years later, I sometimes stop to catch my breath at her passing. I admire your strength. I think I also might be feeling the weight of the passing years. Maybe it’s time to recharge my scooter and play like Steve McQueen and go roaring off down some road with wind in my face and the sun at my back and no thought of tomorrow.


      2. The loss, I believe, is always with us. It never fully heals and is revisited when we come across something that reminds us of the ones we lost. I once read that people don’t actually grieve loss until many years later. It’s realizing what happened as you come out of shock. The human ability to process emotion is incredible. I like your idea about riding off into the unknown, Steve McQueen style!


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