You are my sun(s).


To every reader that has stopped by my blog, left love in the form of a comment or a “like”, inspired me, encouraged my poetry writing to keep going, showed me what feeling gratitude is–this is for you.

You. All. Rule.

Also, when I was adding this to Instagram, you should know “Suns” kept autocorrecting to “subs”. I love sub sandwiches and my iPhone knows it. ❤️😂


4 thoughts on “You are my sun(s).

  1. My phone corrects “to” to “yo”. Are they not supposed to learn the most common words you type? I have never typed the word “yo” or said it on purpose! What gives?


    1. Seriously! My phone also puts certain words in all capital letters and sometimes, the text is not meant to be read in an excited state! Haha. Technology is cool.


      1. Also, forget the voice recognition feature. It is worthless. I have tried it and spent more time attempting to rectify the mistakes it made in translation than it was worth.


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